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  • IT Consulting: Let us help you resolve your information technology needs. We can evaluate your system requirements and deploy the system that is right for you.
  • Virus Removal and System Cleanup: Malware, such as viruses and adware, can seriously cripple productivity. These nasty infections can destroy data, make systems unusable, and even spread to your co-workers and friends. Threats such as spy-ware steal information, company secrets, passwords, personal identities, or credit card numbers. It is crucial to remove them before they do serious harm!
  • Personal computer training: Learning safe computer habits is vital to maintaining a healthy system. We teach you how to avoid viruses and other common traps. Keeping your computer in top shape is easier than you think!
  • Data backups: When it comes to safeguarding your valuable data, one can never be too careful. New viruses are constantly surfacing in the wild. Safe computer habits can minimize the chance of catching infections, but only a data backup can ensure the safety of your data. Remember... hard drives have moving parts and will eventually fail... always keep your data backed up to a separate physical hard disk!
  • Network Installation and Maintenance: Get your network up and running the fast and efficient way. Whether you need a wired network for extra protection, or a wireless network for extra flexibility, we can setup the network that's right for you.

We can custom build computers tailored to your specific needs.
Get exactly what you really need -- quality --, without bloatware, mystery parts, or cheap compromises.
Please contact Ryan via email for additional information.

Website setup, maintenance, modifications, security, custom programming, and more.
Coding in: ---- HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, SQL, JQuery ----
Please contact Ryan via email for additional information and estimates.

custom PC